About Vorster Inc.



Vorster Incorporated opened their doors for business in August 2001. The practice specialises in the registration of deeds, the transport of property – residential and commercial, as well as sectional title developments.

Our office is centrally located in Centurion, close to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Hartebeespoortdam and Mamelodi. We serve all clients in all income sectors throughout South Africa. Therefore, no matter where your house is in RSA – we can transfer it to the buyer.

The main objective of the firm, and its personnel, is to excel in the process of transferring deeds, property and accompanying bond registrations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Accompanied with the transfer, is excellent service to all parties involved in the transaction.


Exceptional service, effective and efficient operating procedures and open communication channels within our firm, as well as between our staff and the public, makes our practice one of the best convayancing firms in Gauteng. Clients’ interests, their expectations, and needs are our priority and we go through great depths to ensure the client’s utmost satisfaction.

We further pledge to eliminate any obstacle that may be hindering the conclusion of the transaction in a professional and honest manner, based on integrity and mutual respect. We therefore pledge to the Law Society’s ethics when aiming to resolve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Vorster Incorporated envisions being one of the most recognized and distinguished conveyancing practices in Gauteng. We realize that this can only be achieved with extra- ordinary service of the highest standard to our clients.


Our main source of business comes from estate agents, developers, bond originators and the banks themselves. A large percentage of our clients who’s property transfer are being attended to by our firm, have existing bonds or take out new bonds with any of the major banks. The banks have a very high standard of service delivery, meaning that our service to them, and ‘their’ bond clients, has to be of exceptional value.

Our biggest source of business comes from estate agents. In order to receive contracts from these agents, your service to the agents and their clients, the seller and purchaser, has to be of extra ordinary service and turnaround time on the transfer process.

Please see more about this in the Services section.

Bank’s Bond Panels

We currently have a great spectrum of clients that have bonds with all the major commercial banks of South Africa. Our firm is currently on Absa, Nedbank and Standard Banks bond panels, meaning that we can register your bond if it was granted through one of these banks. Unfortunately we are not on FNB’s bond panel. Therefore we have to make use of other attorneys to prepare the bond instructions on behalf of our clients.

Another large source of our business in the form of home loans, come from bond originators. We have an agreement with our bond originators our bonds of which we attend to the transfer, to attorneys we nominate, as to speed up the transferring process and signing of documentation. We collect the bond registration documents from the attorneys and arrange for our clients to sign.


Realizing the importance of rapid transfers to all stakeholders involved, prompt service delivery forms the ethos of our firm. Coupled with structured and disciplined work procedures, we have managed to expand and sustain our growing client database. Since it is service and the speed of the transfer that determinates the success of our business, it is one of the most important functions we undertake.

One of the keys to efficiency is realizing the importance of communication within the team as well as any external role players. Effective communication between us, the seller, the buyer, the agent and the bank means efficient performance in our business. It is one of our objectives to always keep the client informed about the progress with his dealings and current situations with Vorster Incorporated.

One of the many ways in which we aim to keep the client informed is through weekly reporting on the progress of transferring the property, by means of progress reports to clients. This includes a copy to agent, the buyer, the seller, the bond originators as well as to the instructing bank. This ensures the early identification of any possible problems or delays which are then communicated to all parties involved. This pro-active approach ensures the swift resolution thereof while streamlining the remainder of the progress.

Another way in which we aim for optimal customer satisfaction is by driving out to the buyer and seller to sign any transport and bond registration documentation in the convenience of their home, or at their workplace – ensuring no undue frustration from the client, especially if the client is outside of Gauteng.

In order to cancel out the possibility of delays or jeopardized security, we avoid sending or receiving any documentation like guarantees and title deeds through the post or docex. We rather make use of our own courier, who delivers documents on a daily basis between Pretoria and Johannesburg, and also all other law firms.

All off the above are just a couple examples of the services we deliver in order to ensure that our goal is reached – which is to transport property within four to six weeks.