• Our litigation department is focused on making what can be a lengthy court process as expeditious and cost effective as possible. We attend to a broad spectrum of litigious matters including inter alia evictions, applications to enforce the landlord’s right over goods on the leased premises, liquidation applications, interdict proceedings, disputes over goods sold and delivered and monies loaned and advanced, plus a variety of other civil and criminal matters across all forums consisting of the Appeal Courts, High Courts & Magistrates Courts.
  • While litigation is not the main thrust of our legal practice we are proud to be able to offer a wide spectrum of litigation services of high quality to support our property clients and to keep these clients “under one roof”. These services are centred predominantly in civil litigation including estate agent commission claims; other contractual claims; evictions and rental recoveries and latent defect claims. Notwithstanding the fact that litigation work is a less profitable area of law, we have elected to maintain our litigation department to ensure that our clients, whose property needs are serviced by ourselves, are also able to rely on us for advice and legal representation in the event of disputes.
  • A litigation attorney is most simply an attorney who specializes in litigation. Litigation is basically just a fancy legal term for the practice of carrying a lawsuit through the court process. While some attorneys prefer to handle settlements and some lawyers practice criminal law, for the most part, litigation attorneys focus exclusively on lawsuits. After all, lawsuits are what litigation is all about.
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution: Our knowledge-sharing ability and competence to bring pioneering solutions to our clients is facilitated through our network.